Ralph and Mindy Seta of Messianic Dance Camps International welcome you to this site. M.D.C.I. is a Messianic Dance ministry. We have been worshiping Yeshua through dance using Israeli folk dance steps set to contemporary Messianic music for over two decades. Our heart is to prepare the son's and daughter's of Zion, with a heart of worship, to meet the One who loves them most.  

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Friends With Ted Pearce 

If you have followed our ministry for any length of time you know our affinity with the man, the musical artist, Ted Pearce. We have been blessed to minister with this man of God, also known as the "Hardest Working Messianic Artist", for the past number of years. The first time M.D.C.I. danced with Ted Pearce was at the Holy Land Experience in 2003. It is always a glorious time for us when we have an opportunity to minister together with him. Currently Ted is in Israel leading worship for the Jewish Voice tour. Ted is no stranger to Europe either, as he is the founder, and has lead many March of Life & March of Remembrance campaigns throughout the world. In Germany Ted is an ordained pastor, and would rather be addressed as 'German Shepherd'. But seriously, the music speaks for itself (as you can listen below). This new song, "Who Has Ascended", in our estimation has become the crowning dance of the new Worship In Battle #3 dance project.
You can visit Ted at his website, or he could visit you on his tour rounds. But either way, you need to meet! 

Experiencing A New Song With Corry Bell and Lev Shelo 

As we were being led to put together this new Worship In Battle #3 Choreographed Dance project, I was very aware that we were going to have to face the challenge of deciding what music to use. One of the big Messianic Artists, Lev Shelo with Corry Bell, had already so graciously allowed us to use their newest songs on two previous DVD sets, so I knew I could not ask them again. However, I felt a prompting from the LORD to contact Corry to see if they had anything new ready. To our surprise - and I think to hers as well, she said they were working on something new called, Or Chadash which would be perfect for Hanukkah! The translation means: "Let a new light shine over Zion. May we all be worthy of its light soon. Blessed are you, Adonai, who forms the heavenly lights."
The problem was however, that is was not ready yet - but maybe it could be....
She got back to us shortly with an unfinished track. When Ralph and I heard it (though unfinished) we almost fell over because it was so powerful! We thank Yeshua for their ministry, and conveyed to her how blessed we would be to choreograph a dance to Or Chadash and use it on the new project! We thought it would be perfect for the opening track.
The amazing news is they finished it this week and we will be using it tomorrow as we tape our new project!!
Bless His Name!!

The story behind the song: "In The Lovin' Arms"‏ 

This is a testimony from Carolyn Hyde of how one of the new songs came about. We are featuring this as one of the selected songs on our Worship In Battle #3 project. Enjoy!

The story behind  "In The Lovin' Arms": 

My parents, Arthur and Lillian Margolin (of blessed memory) rejected me for being a believer in Yeshua many years ago but my Mom always tried to bring me back to what she called "real Judaism", as I was raised in an Orthodox synagogue.  My Dad always cursed me and cursed Yeshua - he was really angry with me for years. So when my Mom passed away, it was very difficult for me.  
According to Jewish tradition, the unveiling of the headstone a year after the funeral is just as important as the funeral.  So when a year and a month passed after her funeral, I got up the nerve to call my Dad to ask when would the unveiling be.  He said they already did it - but no one even told me so I was devastated.  A few days later while walking on Mount Carmel, I yelled at G-d and asked Him, "Why didn't you take my Dad first!?"
Suddenly I saw what looked like a pure white sheet rise up in the air and it looked like it was dancing - it had a rhythm and went in and out of space!  Then the L-rd spoke to my heart and said, "She dances with me now!"  WOW!  Then I had to repent for saying that about my Dad...
Years later with barely any communication with my Dad during that time, one night I had a dream.  In the dream, I saw my Dad in the retirement home where he lived.  He was sitting next to a lady named Bethany and he saw her pass away and angels came and took her away.  Then my Dad knew that he was next, but the ones he saw coming to get him were definitely NOT angels!  The angels who had taken Bethany to Heaven returned and were standing on a nearby hill.  So my Dad looked at the approaching demons and then called out to the angels and said, "Wait, I want to go with you instead!"
But the angels said, "You can't because you didn't receive the G-d of Israel!"
Then I awoke and the L-rd told me to call my Dad right away.  I really didn't want to get cursed again and cry as usual...
But I obeyed and called my Dad and for the first time in I don't know how many years, we had a pleasant conversation.  No cursing, even when I spoke about G-d.  And my Dad even said, "I love you" - I hadn't heard him say that to me in years!  So it was an incredible time of reconciliation, praise G-d!
The next day my brother who lives next to Dad called and said he's gone.
He had a mild headache that evening and Mike took Dad home.  That's when I called him.  After that, he went to sleep and had a massive stroke.
I came out to Dad's funeral to sit shiva of course and as I was on the airplane to return home to Israel, I asked the L-rd, "Did he know You?  I have to know!"
Immediately the L-rd gave me the song "In the Lovin' Arms of the L-rd"!
G-d is so good!  I praise Him for giving me such a beautiful reconciliation with my Dad.  And I believe that both my parents had bedside experiences with the L-rd before they passed away.  
You can feel free to share this story as you teach the dance, if you like...
Much love to you,


New Dance Project 

We are currently in production with the third in the Worship In Battle series. Worship In Battle #3 has ten dances on DVD; beginning, intermediate, and advanced level dances are demonstrated with the selected music. The DVD also has step-by-step instruction after each dance so you can learn at your own pace. There is a CD included of the music used in order to worship and dance without watching a DVD player. The music is beautiful new music from Corry Bell and Lev Shelo, Baht Rivka Whitten, Carolyn Hyde, Carlos Perdomo, Deborah Kline-Iantorno, and Ted Pearce. We hope that you enjoy!

The new "Worship In Battle" #3 ~ Is Currently Available! Enjoy!! 'Click on Graphic'



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