"Let everything that has breath praise The LORD. Praise The LORD!"  Psalm 150:6


Ralph and Mindy Seta of Messianic Dance Camps International welcome you to this site. M.D.C.I. is a Messianic Jewish dance ministry. "We have been worshiping Yeshua (Jesus The Messiah of Israel) through dance using Israeli folk dance steps set to contemporary Messianic music for over two decades. Our heart is to encourage and exhort the Sons and Daughters of Zion, with a heart of worship, to unite with The One who loves them most."  "Yet You are holy, O You who are enthroned upon the praises of Israel." Psalm 22:3

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"And I will betroth you to me forever" Hosea 2:1 

      We are anticipating our upcoming Memorial Day Weekend and Shavuot event at Pepperdine University in Malibu CaliforniaHis Appointed Days mean so much to us especially as we count upward to day fifty; just as Yeshua's disciples were expectant, so are we!!
      The celebration will take place at beautiful Pepperdine University the entire weekend beginning on Friday afternoon. Coach Ronald Finstuen will be with us from New York teaching throughout the weekend with Worship In Battle - Krav Maga; preparing us to dance as David danced! We are thrilled to have Patrick and Christine Lumbroso with us for several sessions during the weekend. Patrick is publishing his third book with Lederer at Messianic Jewish Resources. He is an extraordinary teacher and worship leader. At our last Pepperdine event Patrick, who is a French Israeli, ministered to many Israelis in Hebrew at our Memorial Monday Malibu Bluffs Outreach. We are looking forward to doing that again! You can view the weekend schedule here...
      We are blessed to have with us: Corry Bell and Lev SheloDeborah Kline and Vince Iantorno,  and Jonathan Settel. Throughout the course of this powerful weekend there will be Messianic and Israeli dance classes, Flags and Banners,Tambourine Classes, Special Presentations, and a Covenant Renewal Ceremony Under the Chupah! We will again have an intimate time with Yeshua, as we renew our vows and "oaths" of allegiance to Him alone!
      There will be Late Night Shavuot Worship with Dance & Scripture as we join with the ICDF - International Christian Dance Federation, as they will be doing prayer watch on the Walls in Jerusalem.
 *Scripture cited above is actually Hosea 2:19*
Space is limited, so you will have to sign up soon! (click here)

In His love and Service,
Ralph and Mindy Seta

Israeli Krav Maga for Men and Women Intensive Track Malibu 

     Coach Ronald Finstuen is a man after GOD's own heart, who has a heart for the welfare of His People. In today's current climate it is important to be prepared, and it is incumbent upon us to learn GOD's protection for His people. It is said that King David was born and also died on Shavuot. We believe that this is a perfect time to learn Worship In Battle!!      
     Coach Ron currently teaches Israeli Krav Maga for the JCC. He has developed a method of teaching that is powerful even for the novice student.  He will be focusing on his new themed teaching called Krav Maga 360 Iron Dome, and he will be instructing several workshops throughout the Shavuot weekend.
     He will also be teaching an intensive track for a select few who are interested. This is something special that you do not want to miss! 
     In Coach Ron's words: "Are you ready to defend against the most common weapons used in assaults? Do you know what they are? Would you like to learn defense skills that can preserve your life and loved ones against weapons commonly used such as screwdrivers, knives, bats, axes and hammers? Combined together, these weapons and the use of unarmed attacks result in much larger crime numbers than firearms. Join me for specialized small group, Defensive Davidic Line Krav Maga training to defend in these areas.
Khazak!" (Be Strong and Courageous!)
Coach Ron

Memorial Day Weekend and Shavuot Event with Wonderful Artists!  


Shalom Worshiper! Please consider coming to Malibu California to celebrate with us this Shavuot! The theme “Worship In Battle” is one that we trust will have greater insight as the celebration progresses. Just as a bride awaits her groom, we are expectant that the Holy Spirit will manifest once again in our midst with His best gifts as we celebrate Yeshua!
Our weekend together has become full with many wonderful worship sessions, workshops, and presentations, on the beautiful Pepperdine Campus. We are thrilled to have Messianic Worship Artists, Deborah Kline and Vince Iantorno, The Lumbrosos, Lev Shelo with Corry Bell, and Jonathan Settel to lead us into the Holy of Holies with song and anointed teachings. For those of us who are gearing for the battle, Coach Ronald Finstuen from Rochester NY will instruct us in Israeli Krav Maga, as well his Pain Scale Wellness program.
Our worship dance classes will include, Israeli Dance taught by Shirley Deedon. We will have instruction in flags and tambourine so that we may prepare a special presentation to welcome the Shabbat. We will have opportunities to learn Messianic Dance from Mindy & Ralph Seta of M.D.C.I. throughout the weekend, also Nicki Tiso, Marianne Wegener and Rabbi Corey Sylvester from Temple Aviv Judea will be instructing in the dance. We will be readying ourselves for what He will be doing in our midst, as we also prepare for our Memorial Day Outreach at Malibu Bluffs Park!
Though our weekend is quite full, we do have a little free time to take in the beauty of the surroundings with a walk or run (with a partner would be nice), tennis, or just time to be alone with Yeshua.
We are planning for a beautiful Memorial Day Weekend, and may you be blessed as we worship Yeshua through dance together!
In His service,
Ralph and Mindy Seta 
Messianic Dance Camps International

The First of Months with Solar Eclipse 

What an exciting time we live! We just made it through the holiday of Purim, where we saw the book of Esther unfold right before our eyes. Did you see it? Our Uncle Mordecai, played by Benjamin Netanyahu, stood up for the survival of the Jewish people. Haman was the player whom Mordecai stood up to, who was making secretive deals for their annihilation. We know that Haman was not able to follow through with his plans, bringing his entire line to destruction. The name Benjamin means "Son of my right hand", and Netanyahu "Gift from God."  Then there are also signs in the heavens; a solar eclipse tomorrow marks the half-way point in a series of blood moons. This is something new, and we believe is of Biblical proportion. Passover is in two short weeks, and we were blessed to have been asked to lead a seder (order of service) for a local church of one hundred and fifty people. We are very exited about this, because we know He is speaking to His People to awaken them. "May it be a blessed First Day of Months for you and yours, and Happy Early Passover to you!"  

Davidic Dancing Through The Land As A Prayer With The Living Stones 

We are so excited because our tour is over half filled, and we are trusting Him to continue to put this Team together as we desire to minister with the Believers and dance through the land! We are only taking one large bus so that our team will remain connected as we tour together through Israel and meet with the "Living Stones". Those who are going have committed to the LORD and received confirmation. If this is you, then you are invited to join us. Please click here for info; deposit is due. So far, who we are expected to meet to worship with include the Brekas, Danny Carmiel, the Danielis, Michael Eliyahu Ben David, Ellah Gorelik, the Hyde family, Doran Keidar, the Slater family, and the Whittens. Amazingly enough this will all happen between touring, dancing, worshiping, and ministering to Yeshua in "the land of" Eretz Israel!

Shavuot Weekend at Pepperdine Campus Malibu CA 

We believe it is apropos to have this Worship In Battle weekend over Memorial Day. Not only do we remember those who have fought to give us the freedoms which we share, but also as worship warriors we desire to follow our Warrior King Yeshua who has given us life. It is believed that Melech David was both born and also died on Shavuot. He is our example and the one we so closely can relate with as we read Scripture. King David is the consummate Worship Warrior, and a man whom The Lord sought out after His Own Heart. It is our prayer for each who attend this event, that we would ready ourselves, mind, body, and spirit, to come into the presence of the one who has sought us out; The Great King and our Messiah Yeshua! Amen and Amen!!  Memorial Weekend Messianic Dance Retreat

Married Couples Hebraic Dance Demonstrated  

This past weekend we had the honor to dance the Married Couples dance to 'Elohim' by Sue Samuel. Our friends in Las Vegas came together as Husband and Wife in a beautiful ceremony at Lev Hashem Messianic Synagogue. The wonderful couple who were married are very loving, and that made this dance a beautiful representation. We choreographed this dance for a Jewish Voice event in Phoenix several years ago. Usually we do not do "Couples" dancing, however, our desire is to lift up married couples whenever we can. There is a 'Dances' page on this site which demonstrates this dance in its entirety. http://messianicdancecamps.com/dances We hope you enjoy!! [Picture by: Kristen Arbour] 

Powerful Beginning Tambourine DVD Ready 

We received the brand new "Beginning Tambourine" DVD project yesterday. We are very happy with how this new DVD turned out. Francy did a wonderful job bringing this instructional teaching, along with the incorporation of tambourine in a choreographed dance.
We thought it was powerful because most of us do not know what the Scriptures say regarding the Tambourine. We now understand why the enemy does not want this information out, or worshipers of the Most High to incorporate the use of this ordained instrument. Children and adults of all ages love the tambourine, how much more effective will it be with the understanding. We hope you enjoy the complete Worship In Battle series! Our hope is that you use the dance, flags, tambourine, and Krav Maga defense; as arsenals for worship in the battle.   

Early Beginnings with Temple Aviv Judea  

Temple Aviv Judea (TAJ) will be celebrating its 37th anniversary this year in style. They have just purchased their very own synagogue located in Fullerton, California! Our first time going to TAJ was for their 30th anniversary celebration, with a dance camp and concert event with Jonathan Settel in Orange County. Rabbi Corey Sylvester just happens to be the cousin of Jonathan Settel, and because we had been recently ministering together with Mr. Settel, we had one of our first dance camp and concert events for TAJ's 30th. We were able to bring Messianic worship through dance to this established congregation in a greater way, and have been invited back every year since for a dance camp event. This Shabbat (January 10th) we are so happy to return once more for an afternoon 'Worship In Battle' Dance Camp tour. Just after ministering the very first time with TAJ, we as a family went on an extensive touring adventure, ministering worship through dance to over six hundred different congregations in the U.S. and abroad. We look forward to spending Shabbat with our dear friends Rabbi Corey and Hilary this weekend. Many blessings to you all!! You can see more information on where we will be on our Upcoming Dance Camp Events page. Thank you!! Enjoy below one of the songs from our new Worship In Battle #3 dance project; by Carlos Perdomo (carlosperdomoministries.com)!! It is beautiful..!!

Friends With Ted Pearce 

If you have followed our ministry for any length of time you know our affinity with the man, the musical artist, Ted Pearce. We have been blessed to minister with this man of God, also known as the "Hardest Working Messianic Artist", for the past number of years. The first time M.D.C.I. danced with Ted Pearce was at the Holy Land Experience in 2003. It is always a glorious time for us when we have an opportunity to minister together with him. Currently Ted is in Israel leading worship for the Jewish Voice tour. Ted is no stranger to Europe either, as he is the founder, and has lead many March of Life & March of Remembrance campaigns throughout the world. In Germany Ted is an ordained pastor, and would rather be addressed as 'German Shepherd'. But seriously, his music speaks for itself. One new song, "Who Has Ascended", in our estimation, has become the crowning dance of the new Worship In Battle #3 dance project.
You can visit Ted at his website, or he could visit you on his tour rounds. But either way, you need to meet! 

The new "Worship In Battle" #3 ~ Is Currently Available in the Dance Store. Enjoy!!

Thank You for Your Prayerful and Financial Support!



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We are looking forward to this Shabbat worship dance camp! Registration is after services, from 1:00-2:00. There is a suggested $10 donation for the dance camp (or) $20 for families. Messianic Dance Camp is scheduled from 2:00-5:00 PM. Hope to see you there!!


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